Viisage and Indentix Merger Complete; Resulting Company Moves to NYSE

Viisage Technology, Inc. and Identix Incorporated, both of which had been listed on NASDAQ, have completed their merger.

The resulting company, L-1 Identity Solutions, will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) tomorrow, when the company’s chairman, president, and CEO Robert V. LaPenta will ring the exchange’s opening bell to commemorate his new corporate entity’s public-market debut.

I’ve written about Viisage and L-1 before. The more I look at this company, the more I believe it will succeed at selling a broad range of biometric-security solutions — comprising authentication systems based on fingerprint, facial-image and iris-pattern recognition — to government agencies and large private organizations inside Fortress America and beyond.

Just look at the board of directors, composed as it is of a veritable who’s who of Beltway insiders. But if you try visiting the newly merged company’s website, you’ll be confronted with a login screen. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a login name or password.

Perhaps LaPenta and company are taking security a bit too far. At least they didn’t subject me to a video-camera-delivered retinal scan.

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