Scoble Mistakes Commentary for Adulation

Former Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble, who presumably still retains shares and a rooting interest in his former employer, seems aghast that so many bloggers have lavished attention on Google’s announcement of its first integrated suite of web-based business applications.

Scoble usually is an extremely perceptive sort, but on this occasion he seems to have confused commentary, much of it critical, for adulation. From what I have seen, very few bloggers have uncritically embraced Google’s elegantly named Google Apps for Your Domain. (Sorry, but that’s a horrible name for any service, much less one that Google hopes to grow gradually into a meaningful business.)

Anyway, irrespective of the degree of critical analysis and commentary that the Google announcement drew today, how would Scoble have wanted bloggers to react to Google’s news?

Should they have sullenly snubbed it because they were not privy to an advance briefing? Sorry, but that isn’t even an adoption. It would have been irrational, peevish, petulant, and pointless.

I, for one, couldn’t care less if the PR hacks from any of the major vendors come calling before they make an announcement. They’re just going to feed me pureed and intensively spun pabulum, and life is too short to subject myself to that sort of inanity. I don’t need to hear the contrived, endlessly rehearsed pitches, and my ego doesn’t need the stroking. Some of us have to remain humble.

Besides, this was a newsworthy event. It called out not only for news coverage, but also for analysis, commentary, investigation, and speculation on what is likely to follow in the months and years ahead. Google finally is taking its web-based business services out of the shadows and into the light. It’s natural for bloggers to take a close look and provide their assessments.

As for the hyped cage match of Google versus Microsoft in the battle for web-based business application dominance, it’s not on the current bill. It remains a coming attraction.

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