Analyst Says HP Might Acquire Sourcefire, Check Point

Perhaps great minds think alike, or perhaps we’re both wrong, but analyst Momin Khan of Technology Business Research believes that Sourcefire and Check Point represent more likely security acquisitions for HP than does McAfee.

HP, like IBM, is looking to substantively strengthen its software capabilities. IBM is off and spending, so HP will be playing catch up, seeking niches and openings in areas where IBM already has representation or where HP’s customer base and expertise give it an edge.

2 responses to “Analyst Says HP Might Acquire Sourcefire, Check Point

  1. This may be likely but the best possible outcome would be if Cisco aquired Check Point. If this were to happen Cisco would truly dominate the security landscape.

  2. Cisco are unlikely to buy Check Point. They have spent a lot of money matching Check Points security offering point-for-point – and the Cisco shareholders will not appreciate a few $billion being spent on a company that seems to do the same thing.

    Likewise, IBM and HP are not going to be buying Check Point. In a recent interview Gil Shwed said that IBM had already tried that – and he had knocked them back.

    A merger with a like minded company might be on the cards is my guess. Shwed wants Check Point to remain independent. The Stock holders, who vote with their pockets, disagree – a merger is the most likely answer.

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