OpenTV CTO Defects to Google

Vincent Dureau, CTO at OpenTV, has joined Google.

In a press release issued by OpenTV earlier today, the company, a leading vendor of IPTV-enabling technologies and services, announced “a series of management moves to align the company’s senior management team with its business focus.”

At the top of the list was news that Dureau, 46, had “accepted a senior engineering role with Google Inc.” There’s no word yet from Google as to what Dureau will be doing at his new corporate home, but Google had been aggressively recruiting IPTV engineers earlier this year, looking for candidates with experience in content management systems, user interface development for content-rich applications, cable and IPTV headend systems, and embedded digital-video technology.

Google serves streaming video today, but IPTV would give the company a full-fledged interactive platform.

As CTO at OpenTV, Dureau had been responsible for developing the company’s key technologies and helping establish worldwide business relationships to deliver integrated IPTV solutions to content and service providers. He had been with OpenTV since the company’s inception in 1995, and was directly responsible for building its engineering organization.

Interestingly, Dureau had taken a leading role in the development of OpenTV’s advanced advertising technologies. He published a white paper last year titled, “Addressable Advertising On Digital Television.”

In the abstract for that paper, he wrote:

We believe that addressable advertising, where specific video ads are targeted to specific audiences will become central to advertising on digital television within the next 5 years. In this paper, we are demonstrating that advertisers will be ready to pay premium rates to cable operators who can demonstrate increased efficiency of their advertising network through targeting. We also describe the impact of deploying addressable advertising on the infrastructure and operation of a digital television network.

Looking into the very near future, we describe how other forms of advertising, including telescoping and interactive advertising will complement addressability on digital television networks.

I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more from Google regarding IPTV and interactive video advertising.


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