Microsoft Security Expert Bolts to

In a move that will see him relocate his place of work from one Seattle-area company to another, Jesper Johansson, the well-regarded senior security strategist in Microsoft’s Security Technology Unit, will start a new job at in September.

The move is reported on Johansson’s security-related blog as well as by eWeek. Officially, Johansson will cease working at Microsoft on September 1 and will start his new job at Amazon on September 5. He announced his resignation to his Microsoft colleagues in an internal email message yesterday.

Johansson, who had been with Microsoft for five years, will serve Amazon as its principal security program manager.

As a regular presence at security conferences and at Microsoft’s own security-related events and seminars, Johansson is considered an expert in the effective protection of Windows installations. He is the co-author of  "Protect Your Windows Network" — a book that he promotes on his blog — considered an essential security guide for system administrators responsible for Windows application environments.

Johansson’s is the latest in a string of high-profile defections from Microsoft.

During a period in which Microsoft increasingly has recognized the integral importance of security to its products strategy and its corporate reputation, Johansson’s departure will be carefully analyzed by those inside and outside the company. It comes just as Microsoft has begun a wave of security-related product and service launches, and months in advance of the commercial release of the reputedly security-conscious Vista iteration of the Windows operating system.


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